Julian and Juliette Huxley
Manuscript Visitors’ Book covering nearly 40 years of the life of Juliette and Julian Huxley - ‘Student and lover of nature, inheritor of agnosti… Read more
Published in 1938 by Unpublished.

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VISITOR’S BOOK OF JULIAN & JULIETTE HUXLEY, 1938-1975 by Julian and Juliette Huxley

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Manuscript Visitors’ Book covering nearly 40 years of the life of Juliette and Julian Huxley - ‘Student and lover of nature, inheritor of agnostics, brother of Aldous, believer in evolution by natural selection, and (his own invention) evolutionary humanism’ (Alison Bashford, The Huxleys, 2022).

Large quarto size book (28x27cm) bound in quarter oatmeal cloth over brown batik covered boards; some marking and staining. Stub only of first flyleaf; signatures across 30 pages, mostly rectos. The first two signatures that appear in the book (June 23, 1938) are those of the historian of Harvard University Samuel Eliot Morison and the American poet, May Sarton, lover first of Julian Huxley and subsequently of his wife Juliette Huxley (’Juliette has been described as May Sarton’s principal muse for what is a very significant opus of poetry’, Bashford). A few lines down is the signature of Julian’s writing collaborator H G Wells and as the book proceeds, year by year, it becomes a roll-call of Anglo-American intellectual life and the couple’s globe-trotting lives. Among the notable signatures are Solly Zuckerman (biologist), Clare Leighton (artist), Ruth Pitter (poet - with manuscript poem), Henry and Irene Moore, Freya Stark (travel writer with repeated entries), E McKnight Kauffer (artist), David Low (wartime cartoonist), JBS Haldane (geneticist), E Maxwell Fry (modernist architect), Stephen and Natasha Spender (repeatedly), Bertrand Russell, Gilbert Murray (classicist), Joseph Needham (biochemist) Aldous Huxley, and many other Huxleys, Lewis Mumford (architectural historian), Kenneth Clark (art historian) and an evolutionary joke from November 4th 1970 when Francis H Darwin signed himself as ‘Charles Darwin (Francis H!)’ and the final entry, the Argentinian writer and intellectual ‘Victoria OCampo 9.3.75’. Clearly a manuscript that will repay further investigation as dates of social meetings and names of those present, sometimes in England and sometimes abroad, are correlated with the Huxleys’ intertwined personal and professional lives. Swiss-born Marie Juliette Baillot met Julian Huxley at Ottolin Morrell’s Garsington; Bashford describes theirs as a ‘long an difficult twentieth century marriage, Juliette HJuxley nee Baillot fell into a domestic and public support-and-hostess role for Julian... a freedom to occupy and satisfy different sexual attractions and expressions was by agreement afforded to both of them’ (Bashford).

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