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Mary Wilson - Harold Wilson
Appointments diary from their family home in Lord North Street, Westminster, of Mary Wilson, wife of the past and future Prime Minister Harold Wilson, during his phase as Leader of the Opposition to Edward Heath’s Tory government in 1973. From dinners with Lord Goodman to her packing list for the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool in October 1973… Read more…


FREAK SHOWS & CIRCUSES: ‘Manuscript of the Life of William Bradley the Yorkshire Giant by J Browne’

James Browne
Manuscript biography of William Bradley who was exhibited in the Regency period as ‘the Yorkshire Giant’, drawing upon memories of surviving friends and acquaintances who encountered Bradley around his East Yorkshire hometown of Market Deighton. In an accompanying letter Browne who lived in nearby Bridlington reveals that this was a passion-project… Read more…


NAPOLEONIC WARS LOG of the Proceedings of The HMSS Malabar Kept by W B Boddy

W B Boddy
Napoleonic War manuscript ship’s log for a British warship in the Mediterranean that would be used shortly afterwards to transport convicts to New South Wales (1819) and Van Diemen’s Land (1821) in Australia. The folio-sized ship’s log comprises two disbound sections of a notebook of a junior British naval officer’s training logbook from 1814. Manu… Read more…


EARLY MANUSCRIPT COPY Le Diable Amoureux - The Devil in Love

Jacques Cazotte
Early manuscript copy - apparently English in origin - of a French novel of diabolic seduction that has inspired everyone from Jacques Lacan to Jonny Depp. Small quarto (16.5x20.5cm) bound in (likely) English full sheep, rubbed with some loss close to outer hinges but boards remain well attached. No decoration apart from a gilt roll to the edge of… Read more…


Like a Mantle the Sea [Shetland Island Manuscript & Archive]

Stella Shepherd - Dennis Shepherd - John Betjeman
Autograph manuscript, typescript, corrected proofs and supportive letters from Sir John Betjeman to the author of this memoir of Papa Stour who met her during a visit to the island and helped see the book through to publication. Stella Shepherd and her husband Dennis who illustrated her book moved to Papa Stour in the Shetlands in 1962, to become,… Read more…


Nomads: the Producer’s Comprehensive Production Archive

Elliott Kastner, John McTiernan, Jane Fonda, Nina Foch, Bill Conti, Ted Nugent, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro etc
Remarkably extensive Eliott Kastner archive of the production of Pierce Brosnan’s first leading role in which he played a French anthropologist in New York who discovers a group of urban nomads who are not who they seem. The pile of documents sits 10 inches thick and comprises, in brief: Production - Central Files Kastner: Chain of Title original a… Read more…



Tibetan Sherpa Artist [George Lowe]
Remarkable collection of Tibetan Sherpa art collected, and possibly commissioned, by a member of Sir Edward Hillary’s ‘Silver Hut’ expedition to Mount Makulu in the Himalayas, including an image of the mountaineers scaling the peak. This collection is introduced by its owner, an unidentified member of Hillary’s 1960 expedition (possibly George Lowe… Read more…


A Speech to Scottish Veterans delivered in Wishaw by Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig

Field Marshal Douglas Haig
Stirring 1925 manuscript speech to Scottish veterans made by Britain's commander on the western front in which he urged Scotland's soldiers to look after each other in peacetime - 'the hardest battle of their lives' - even as they readied themselves for the moment 'when storm and peril once more threaten our beloved country, men such as they, may o… Read more…


FRIDA KAHLO & DIEGO RIVERA IN DETROIT Evelyn Cohen’s Notebook with Drawings by Kahlo and Rivera

Frida Kahlo - Carmen Rivera; Diego Rivera
An extraordinary memento of the creative presence of the artistic super-couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera - ‘equals and accomplices’ as they were described - in the mid-western city of Detroit, early in 1933. With these drawings into a young woman’s autograph album, made a few days before their departure for New York, Kahlo and Rivera marked the… Read more…


FRIDA KAHLO & DIEGO RIVERA IN DETROIT: Lydia Cohen’s Album with Drawings by Kahlo and Rivera

Frida Kahlo - Carmen Rivera; Diego Rivera
A remarkable memento of the creative presence of the artistic super-couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera - ‘equals and accomplices’ as they were described - in the mid-western city of Detroit, early in 1933. With these drawings into a young woman’s autograph album, made a few days before their departure for New York, Kahlo and Rivera marked the clos… Read more…



John Piper
A remarkably rich wartime sketch-book in which John Piper recorded his 1943 summer tour of Devon and Cornwall in the company of Geoffrey Grigson, sketched Welsh landscapes as well as the Victorian villas and churches of the English Midlands while he stayed at Renishaw Hall, home of his friends Edith and Osbert Sitwell. Piper’s sketches include chur… Read more…



Alison Uttley; James Uttley
Two sketchbooks drawn and painted by the children’s author Alison Uttley and two by her husband James whose early death, she would later claim, inspired and necessitated Uttley’s prolific output. The first sketchbook records Alison Uttley’s honeymoon with James Uttley when they travelled along the south coast of England and matches the third item i… Read more…


A DIARIST & PHOTOGRAPHER AT EL ALAMEIN: ‘Each time I heard a screaming bomb I imagined it to be coming straight for me’

William Thomas Pritchard
Visually fascinating photographic diary written by an officer with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps who - against all rules - took a camera to the front which allowed him to record the Battle of El Alamein (1942) as well as the chaotic British evacuation from St Nazaire (1940) from where he offers an eye witness account of the sinking of HMS Lancastri… Read more…



William George Frederick Cavendish Bentinck (1856-1948)
Private journal of an English aristocrat, recent Cambridge graduate, Mayfair-resident, avid ball and theatre-goer and, paradoxically, future husband of the socialist and suffragist Ruth St Maur with whom he parented the 8th and 9th Dukes of Portland. Known by his third given name, Frederick - William George Frederick Cavendish Bentinck (1856-1948)… Read more…


‘THE BOROUGH MONGER SYSTEM IS DEROGATORY AND CORRUPT’ Manuscript Polemic in Favour of Parliamentary Reform sent to a Whig Peer

Luke Batten; Thomas Brand, Lord Dacre.
A singular early nineteenth century letterbook that centres on a polemical essay sent to Thomas Brand, 20th Baron Dacre, on the state of the British nation and the need for multiple reforms, notably parliamentary reform which would be achieved in the Great Reform Act only two years later. To the rear of the volume Dacre’s thoughtful reponse to his… Read more…


LADY LONDESBOROUGH’S ALBUM with Entries by Dinosaur Hunters, Artists & Writers

Ursula Denison, nee Bridgeman & Albert Denison, Baron Londesborough [with] Gideon Algernon Mantell, Thomas Crofton Croker, Edward Belcher etc
An exceptionally high-powered album recording the activities of an intellectual country-house salon, compiled by Ursula Denison, nee Bridgeman (1823-1883) and offering stellar contributions by the intellectual friends that she shared with her archaeologist, politician and diplomat husband. Albert Denison, 1st Baron Londesborough (1805-1860) was the… Read more…


CARRY ON CLEO - The Production Archive & Screenplay Belonging to the Film’s Scriptwriter

Talbot Rothwell - Dennis Norden, Frank Muir
A 10 page manuscript extract from Talbot Rothwell’s original screenplay for Carry on Cleo together with his hilarious typescript proposal/ synopsis of the movie and a full ‘First Draft’ typescript screenplay which contains perhaps the earliest appearance in this context of the oft-voted funniest ever line, ‘Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for… Read more…


UNPUBLISHED ARTS & CRAFTS MEMOIR William de Morgan The Potter as I Knew Him with an Appreciation by Halsey Ricardo

Emilie Russell Barrington & Halsey Ricardo
Unknown except for a single copy held by the De Morgan Foundation, this is a full length memoir written by the artist and writer Emilie Russell Barrington in which she recalls her decades-long friendship with the preeminent Arts and Crafts designer, potter and friend of William Morris, William de Morgan. In this memoir which she wrote in the final… Read more…


WATERCOLOUR TOUR OF THE LOW COUNTRIES BY A FAVOURITE ARTIST OF QUEEN VICTORIA: ‘Pen and Pencil Scraps from Belgium by Robert Taylor Pritchett. 1850.’

Robert Taylor Pritchett
31 pencil and watercolour sketches together with a journal of his tour of the Low Countries produced by one of Queen Victoria’s favourite artists. The Sketchbook and journal of the artist’s travels from Dover (strikingly depicted looking up from the port) via Calais and into the Low Countries contains the source images for paintings that he exhibit… Read more…



Daniel Jones - Dylan Thomas
Autograph musical manuscript (with editorial annotations) by Dylan Thomas’s great friend Daniel Jones which were reproduced in facsimile in the first edition of Under Milk Wood published by J M Dent from whose archive this manuscript comes. Dylan Thomas’s legendary radio play had its first reading in New York City at the Poetry Center on 14th May,… Read more…


IN DARKEST AFRICA: An Archive of Documents related to a Key Officer’s Service in the Infamous Emin Pasha Relief Expedition

Captain Robert Nelson - Henry Morton Stanley
A collection of documents relating to Captain Robert Nelson’s involvement with Henry Morton Stanley in the Emin Pasha relief expedition. Robert Henry Nelson was one of Stanley’s key officers during his Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, commanding his No. 3 Company of Zanzibaris. Nelson was one of 5 out of 52 men that survived after being left behind by… Read more…


PORTFOLIO OF 19 COMIC & MILDLY EROTIC DRAWINGS: ‘Rough Sketches C W Anderson 41 Wash[ington] Sq[uare] New York City’

Clarence William Anderson
Portfolio of signed comic and erotic sketches by the Nebraskan born artist Clarence Anderson, compiled while living in Washington Square in New York City. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The sketches are housed in an ‘Anchor Clasp Envelope’ on which Anderson has written ‘Rough Sketches C.W. Anderson 41 Wash[ington’ Sq[uare] New York City.’ Old repairs to edg… Read more…


‘NO LIVING MAN WHOM WE MEN IN AMERICA FEEL A GREATER DEBT TO’ Illustrator William Hatherell’s Album of Professional Correspondence including a Famous Copy Letter from Thomas Hardy

[William Hatherell] Dean Cornwell; Charles Dana Gibson etc
RESERVED The artist William Hatherell’s collection of letters and documents relating to his work as an illustrator in the 1890s-1920s. Among c70 items is Hatherell’s retained copy of a famous letter to him by Thomas Hardy praising his 1895 illustrations for Jude the Obscure, which the novelist wrote ‘to express my sincere admiration for the illustr… Read more…


MANUSCRIPT LETTER-BOOK, Autograph Letters and Photographs

David Gascoyne [Surrealist Poet]
Substantial bound manuscript by the poet David Gascoyne (1916-2001) together with an archive of photographs, letters from Gascoyne and his wife Judy Gascoyne and from Alan Clodd of the Enitharmon Press and many others. This collection which dates from David Gascoyne’s later years was acquired by his friend the society photographer Pamela Chandler (… Read more…



Henry Williamson
1940s onwards
A substantial archive - c600 items - of Henry Williamson’s incoming letters and his replies in the form of notes, typescripts and annotated letters relating to his creative work in the 1950s and 1960s, in particular his extended sequence of novels about his experience in the First World War. Among the collection is a fan letter from Len Deighton an… Read more…