Gladstone & Fasque: an Archival Collection

Sir John Robert Gladstone [William Ewart Gladstone]
A lifetime's financial records of the third member of the Gladstone family to own Fasque House in Aberdeenshire. Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshi… Read more
Published in 1870 by Unpublished.

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Gladstone & Fasque: an Archival Collection by Sir John Robert Gladstone [William Ewart Gladstone]

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A lifetime's financial records of the third member of the Gladstone family to own Fasque House in Aberdeenshire. Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire and the third Baronet, Sir John Robert Gladstone was the son of Sir Thomas Gladstone (elder brother of William Ewart Gladstone) and grandson of the Scottish business tycoon Sir John Gladstone who founded the family's fortunes when he moved to Liverpool, later acquiring Fasque with the wealth he acquired.

This collection begins with the funeral sermon of Sir John Gladstone but his grandson seems to have begun keeping accounts after he left Eton to go up to Christchurch College, Oxford, in October 1870. There he records how he gambled, joined the 'Christchurch Cricket and Athletics Club 3/3/0' and, of course, the Bullingdon Club. A bachelor soldier, Gladstone inherited Fasque in 1889 and the collection includes records both from Fasque where he ran the house with his sister Mary, and his west London residence. Sir John died in 1926 and the final pre-printed order book for Fasque remains quite unusued.

1. [Sir John Gladstone] Rev. Edward Bannerman Ramsay, A Sermon Preached in St Andrew's Chapel, Fasque, on the Third Sunday in Advent 1851, Being the Sunday After the Funeral of Sir John Gladstone of Fasque and Balfour,Bart., Edinburgh, 1852. A fine copy of the funeral preached in the chapel built by Sir John Gladstone at Fasque which he had bought in 1829.

2. Eton & Oxford: John Robert Gladstone's Account book, October 1870-1877. Octavo sized parchment binding, marbled fore edges and a brass clasp, 'J.R. Gladstone' in black ink to the upper cover. Frequent references to his fees for various clubs and societies, the Bullingdon, 'White's Club 7/11/6' (London), 'Asprey', 'Whist', 'Billiards' and the more mundane haircut and railway ticket. At Oxford Gladstone played 'Tennis', paid the 'Scouts Bill 2/15/0' and made regular 'Return to London'. He paid to have china brought from Fasque and records the 'Carriage of wine from London' as well as '2 tickets for Etonians' Dinner 2/0/0/' and joined the 'Christchurch Cricket and Athletics Club 3/3/0'

3. T.J. & J. Smith's Office Diary. With an Almanack for 1887, tall format, interleaved with blotting paper. In pencil to the first paste down is written: 'Fasque House Diary'. This dates from a couple of years before the death of John R Gladstone's father, Sir Thomas Gladstone, 2nd Baronet and JRG may have been living at Fasque by this time. Occasional entries in pencil, presumably in the hand of John R Gladstone relating to his gambling expenses 'Whist - 1/13 Picquest -3', telegrams, stamps and cabs etc.

4. Cash Book, Matthews. Drew Wholesale Stationers, Holborn; 'Fasque. J.R. Gladstone' in pencil to first blank leaf, ff213 [pp] 426. Substantial account book, full of entries, 1894 to 1904, actually relating to Gladstone's London residence at 1 Delaford Street in Fulham, west London. Neat, probably secretarial hand, perhaps the housekeeper.

5. Household expenses, daily accounts of kitchen/ housekeeping expenses, small octavo; unclear whether this relates to JRG's London house or Fasque estate, September 1899 to March 1909. Neat hand.

6. Order Book Fasque Jan 9th 1923 to Dec 14 1923, pp 1081-1200. Small quarto, marbled boards over quarter red roan. Preprinted and numbered pages 'Fasque... To..' accomplished in manuscript with 120 pages of orders in a very difficult hand - perhaps JRG's sister Lady Mary? 7. Oblong order book, large quarto, unused, each perforated page with duplicates and made out 'From Sir John Gladstone Fasque Laurencekirk', numbered 1321-1437. No doubt dating from around Sir John Gladstone's death in 1926 and therefore unmarked.]

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